Closing the loop on waste

The problem with cardboard coils

While cardboard is widely accepted as a recyclable product, the processes involved in manufacturing cardboard are neither sustainable nor environmentally friendly. We were using over 16,400kg of cardboard every year, purely from supplying glazing wedges and seals on cardboard coils. Cardboard coils absorb water, and damage easily, causing the industry preference to lean toward a sturdier, waterproof alternative.

In October 2020, we made the decision to transition to supply all coiled products on brand new PPL plastic coils. When designing the plastic coils, we ensured the materials used were recyclable; in turn, the coils are manufactured out of recyclable polypropylene, and can be commercially recycled. By investing in a coil return scheme, we see most coils returned to PPL, where they are incorporated into future production runs. Better yet, damaged coils are ground back into pellets, and used to injection mould new coils, this process transpires at our Hamilton site.

The PPL plastic coils have proven the perfect alternative for cardboard coils; they allow us to reduce our cardboard consumption, reuse coils for future production runs, yet still provide a recyclable product if they are unable to be returned.