Who we are

Our story since 2012 has been one of rapid growth driven by investment in our plant and people.

Who we are

We started as a small business unit of the larger Profile Group of businesses with four staff and three machines. Today, we employ more than 40 talented people, and our custom-built Hamilton factory is equipped with a dozen extrusion and injection moulding machines from Europe and Japan’s leading suppliers. While we’re proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated, our technological edge comes from tapping the world’s very best.

Two of our core values at PPL are innovation and customer service. We’re in demand because people know that we’re driven to find solutions, however challenging the request. (It helps that our executive team has more than 50 years’  collective experience in the plastic profile and injection moulding industries.) Backed by leading edge technology, our highly trained staff can tackle customised solutions for any application and industry sector. And we deliver at a pace the rest of the industry can only dream of – overnight anywhere in the country for standard products, five days for custom-made.

Why choose PPL? Our customer-centric approach for one thing: we strive for excellence, and have the enthusiasm to consistently deliver it. Our dynamism: we are a youthful, innovative company, unconstrained by years of tradition. Our flexibility: we can find a customised solution for almost any need. And our commitment to sustainability: we take every possible step to minimise our impact on the environment. 

Our team

Mervin Pinto - Injection Supervisor

A typical day for Mervin involves setting up machinery and zealously checking quality, but that’s only the start. “There’s a new challenge every day, a new thing to learn or explore,” says the father of two. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Robyn Rawson - Die Design and Development Engineer

Robyn launched her career at PPL as an 18-year-old plastics engineering apprentice. Now a Die Design and Development Engineer, she loves the problem-solving her role entails. “It’s challenging, but it’s such a great feeling when you’ve worked things out logically,” says Robyn, who divides her time between the office and the shop floor.

Murray Jorgensen - Operations Manager

Murray has covered a lot of ground in his working life, from making cricket bats by hand to manufacturing superyachts. He brings that varied background to a role that he says “involves a bit of everything”. Is there a theme running through his career? “People and processes: I enjoy bringing the best out of people, and finding smarter ways of doing things.”

Our markets

PPL supply plastic extrusion products to a wide range of businesses in the glazing, marine, roading, flooring and construction sectors

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