Our technology

Our 2,200m² custom-built factory is equipped with the latest machinery and manufacturing equipment enabling us to create and supply a range of both profile extrusion and injection moulded plastic products to service a number of market sectors and applications.

We can produce in both high and low volume, right here in our Hamilton factory. Our in-house development team are on-hand to work with you on custom products. We can source tooling, and trial a variety of materials and colour options to ensure the end product meets your requirements.

Profile extrusion

Our factory houses eight profile extrusion lines capable of manufacturing profiles that are 60kg/hour up to 399kg/hour, and at speeds exceeding 40 metres per minute. Our world-class extruders can produce both complex and detailed, or simple products, in flexible or rigid materials.

Our in-house design & development team is on-hand to work with you on custom products. We’ll design and manufacture tooling, allowing us to trial in-house a variety of materials and colour options to ensure the product meets your requirements.

PPL profile extrusion benefits:

  • Efficient: profile extrusions can run at high speeds, and generate high volumes of product; multiple strand tools allow for even greater efficiencies.
  • Precise: fine-tuned tooling and calibrators allow for precise dimensions to be extruded.
  • Sustainable: waste is kept to a minimum as extrusion is a continuous process, any waste generated can be 100% recycled.
  • Low cost: low operating costs coupled with low waste and long production runs result in very economical products.
  • Design flexibility: extrusion as a process allows you to extrude multiple compositions and hardness’ of similar materials to produce complex shapes and designs.

Injection moulding

With machine sizes from 50 to 750 tonne we can manufacture a range of custom-made injection moulded products weighing from 0.5 grams up to 3 kilograms. We have available a wide range of high-quality engineering plastics, allowing us to manufacture an infinite amount of shapes to suit your requirements.

PPL injection moulding benefits:

  • Efficient: with an array of machines available, this allows us to select the most efficient machine that will result in the shortest cycle time, keeping total production time and cost to a minimum.
  • Precise: the extreme high pressure required to clamp the tool together means products can be designed with greater amount of detail; intricate shapes, angles and patterns can be achieved with ease
  • Consistency: identical parts can be manufactured with every cycle, resulting in an extremely repeatable process
  • Low waste: due to the short time taken to get the product up to spec, waste is kept to a minimum and can be recycled and used in future products.
  • Mass production: multiple cavities and short cycle times result in a high volume of products being produced.

Our markets

PPL supply plastic extrusion products to a wide range of businesses in the glazing, marine, roading, flooring and construction sectors

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