Our responsibility

From the bin to the gym

During the start-up and shutdown of machines, there is a window of unusable product that is accumulated. Using dedicated on-site grinding machines we transform it back into pelletized material.

This pelletized material was originally disposed of into landfill, however we theorised that the material was still usable in non-critical items.

While using the reground material, we conducted trials and quality tests, establishing that the products remained within specification throughout processing. This was our first breakthrough, as it would save over 12,000kg of material from going into landfill each year.

For reground material that couldn’t be incorporated into non-critical items, we partnered with matting companies who use the material for playground, gym, and industrial mats.

Not only did this create a sustainable alternative for otherwise wasted material, but it also prevented a further 6,000kg of material from going into landfill.