Our responsibility

Recycling raw material bags

Before we started our Sustainability programme in February 2020, around half of our landfill skip consisted of waste from raw material bags.

Our suppliers’ material bags are made from various material types, such as: clear bags (LDPE), foil-lined and foiled bags, paper with weave bags and sack-type bulk bags.

By mid-2020, we had found a way to repurpose our clear bags (LDPE) in conjunction with Astron (PACT group) that use it to produce products such as slip sheet and damp course. However, one of our biggest challenges was to find a way to recycle our reuse foil-lined and foiled bags. Previously, we were sending them to a metal recycling processor overseas.

In April 2022, we discovered Saveboard – who use milk and fruit juice pouches (that are aluminium foil-lined) to make composite interior boards for walls and ceilings. We made contact and sent samples of our material bags and Saveboard were happy to take our waste!

We are proud to share that we have accomplished a ‘3R Success Rate’- which means at least 3 tonne of waste is diverted from landfill each year and has reduced our landfill collection by 50%.